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Appointment Scheduling

Does your office waste valuable time with an inefficient and frustrating scheduling system? Our appointment scheduling will help you save time and save money, each and every day. Utilizing powerful and flexible appointment scheduling software allows you and your whole staff to effortlessly schedule appointments, events, groups,meetings, conference rooms, resources and more. Now eve-ryone in your office can view and share schedule information with the click of your computer mouse.

Feature Included

  • Saves You Time: Makes organizing your day, life, and business as simple as looking at Daily/Weekly/Monthly VIEWS and then clicking.
  • Increases Your Productivity: You'll get more productivity out of each day by managing your staff appointment schedules with much higher efficiency.
  • Boosts Your Profits: Better utilization of resources through improved scheduling means increased revenues and better earnings.
  • Manage multiple locations.
  • Easy to Use: Designed like the paper scheduling that you are familiar with.
  • Set multiple appointments for same time slot. Confirm, Cancel and reschedule appointments with singe mouse click.View Failed/Canceled appointment report.

HR / Roster Management

With the help of 4eguru roster management tool you can easily create daily/weekly employee roster time sheet.

Feature Included

  • Easy to manage and maintain employee/leave/vacation details.
  • Staff can send online leave request to Supervisor/Manager.
  • Approved leave request will be automatically added to roaster as well as in employee time/attendance sheet .
  • Add/ manage holidays from one location.
  • Making an amendments in the staff time sheet is very easy with 4eGuru Roster management Software. To amendment just select an entry which you would like to update and edit appropriate date and time.
  • With 4eGuru Roster Software you can view past dates and check past records to see when
    employees were scheduled to work.
  • 4eGuru Roster Software provides manager/Supervisor two different views
    • Employee/staff wise roster
    • Time slot wise roaster
  • So , the Supervisor can easily track if an employee has been allocated to two sheets that overlap.

Web Punch In/Out Clock Management

The heart of this powerful, user-friendly system is the Time and Attendance Software itself, employees can punch In/Out, Check Schedules, View worked hrs. and perform Time Off Request...All from the comfort of their own workstation. Only a Web Browser is needed on
the PC...

The Time and Attendance Software is installed on your computer or network server!! This is not a hosted software with monthly fees.

This Time and Attendance offers many other Standard features that ARE INCLUDED at no additional charge, such as Unlimited Multiple User/Multi-PC Network License, E-Mail Reporting, Robust Scheduling Module.

Automating Time and Attendance for your small business has never been easier or more affordable than now!! These time clocks automatically calculate employee hours, overtime and off time pay, in an easy-to-use system to manage your hourly labor. Say goodbye to those old fashioned time clocks and manual time cards, put calculated payroll data right at your fingertips with these powerful Time and Attendance Systems.

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